Warehouse & Inventory Management System

Optimised workflows paired with software unparalleled in its simple logic.

Higher efficiency, happier staff and massive time and money savings.

What is Clockwork WMS?

Clockwork, as we’ve dubbed our most exciting project to date, is a little bit more than a standard WMS. It runs on ERPNext – which means it utilises the best that an Open Source backbone based on Python
and Javascript provide. They call it Frappe.

As Garaj, we’ve worked closely with many sales and manufacturing facilities, both small and large, and have managed to blend in ERPnext with our own excellent functionalities and design standards.

We call it Clockwork WMS 

For us, the work doesn’t end when the software/hardware is installed. We consider our job done only when we’ve hit our targets; have made the lives of your staff members easier, and have enhanced the productivity of your facility. 

To achieve that we customise the system to suit the needs of everyone who will be utilising it – from your sales staff to your operations managers. 


We have a team of Australian developers, and local telephone and on-premise/in-house support staff.

Garaj is based in Melbourne, and can serve companies Australia-wide.

Clockwork works in a multitude of locations, from small shops to major production hubs. Due to ERPNext’s API and amazing community of developers (Garaj also contributes to the project on GitHub: check it out) we can customise it to fit the needs of a lot of different types of workflows.