Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clockwork WMS?

Clockwork WMS is a warehouse management system built on top of ERP Next – we’ve worked with a lot of companies to see where we can improve and provide better visual management and data processing, as well as features such as driver tracking and optimised routes which we’ve vastly improved on the platform. 

How does it work?

When you request a Clockwork WMS setup, you get more than just software – you get the works: We install your new ERP on your hardware, provide you with the best hardware (at zero mark-up) and maintain everything. Best of all we work on a sliding scale, so the smaller your business the lower your setup and maintenance costs. 

Would Clockwork work for my business?

While an ERP is a great thing to have for most businesses, it might not be best suited for yours. There’s no real way of answering this without seeing how your business works so contact us today and we’ll give you the best advice on which software is best for you.

Who knows, Bigg POS or our upcoming e-commerce platform (both built on React) might be a better fit, and the beautiful part is that Bigg POS scales up to “become” Clockwork… so you can always start small 🙂