After going through the process of finalising your business plan, registering your business, acquiring licences, determining your financing and finding a location, you’re ready to take the next step and build out your venue.

Take a great leap with Clockwork.

Clockwork Work Management Solutions

Clockwork for Hospitality:

After going through the process of finalising your restaurant business plan, registering your business, acquiring licences, determining your financing and finding a location, you’re ready to take the next step and build out your space. Take a great leap with Clockwork. Our Melbourne based team understands how locals thinks and will work with you to create a system that works for your individual needs.

Whether you’re running a small lane-way cafe in the Melbourne CBD, or a large-scale restaurant along the foreshore; Having a well-equipped, connected, and easy-to-manage restaurant is essential to setting up yourself, your staff and your business for success.

Today’s customers are looking for smart and simple ways to order and pay at their favourite restaurants and food businesses. With the right automated tools and system in place, you can offer just that.

How can Clockwork support your hospitality business?

Clockwork is here for you. We offer a tailored boutique approach to your work management solutions. We’ll work with you to develop a system that helps you run you business with ease and gives you the time to focus on what’s most important to you. For your consideration, please see below for some ideas of the services we can include in your customised system.

For Your Back Office:

Essential programs; Managing your expenses and balancing your budgets can be exhausting and time consuming. Clockwork’s management software will help you keep track of all your basic operational needs with ease in one cohesive system. Our software will help you plan ahead and avoid surprise expenses.
Rostering and Pay roll; staffing is a crucial element of any hospitality business. Manage clock-in and outs, pay roll, and shift times with ease.
Automated Stock Replenishment; Stay on top of your stock levels with this simple module. Ensuring you’ll always have fresh ingredients on hand.
Multi-store Management; See at a glance how each store is doing and collaborate effectively

Front of house:

Point of Sale (POS); An easy to use POS system is the lifeblood for your day to day operations. Take and fill orders, and receive payments with one easy to use system. Clockwork will set you up with a system that works for you.
• Easily add new menu items such as weekly specials
• Create substitutions, and note dietary or allergy needs.
• Customer Loyalty programs and special pricing for promotions
• With options for multiple users you can track KPIs and apply separate access permissions
• Connect your your POS with a KDS (Kitchen Display System) to instantly send orders through to back-of-house, cutting down on any confusion and fulfilling orders efficiently

Customer Experience;The enjoyment of your clientele is important to gaining regular customers and ensuring long-term profits. Clockwork is here to help make that happen. Here’s a few examples of services we offer
Digital Menus Easily update prices and menu items in a visually appetising way.
Visual Signage Set your brand apart from the rest. Custom designed graphics and signage such as logos, and art walls
Online ordering Connect an online version of your menu directly with your ordering system. Allowing your customer the option to scan a QR code, order, and pay for the items. Saving you time and paper
Food Delivery We’ll connect your business with delivery services such as UberEats or Deliveroo and even provide you with a coupon for 1 year of free support

Back of House:

Whether you’re setting up a small bakery or a large kitchen, Clockwork can help you out. We’ll work with you create an efficient kitchen. We can offer advice and consultations to set you up for success. We can even help you source hardware such as rangehoods bringing the price down.

Clockwork also offers a Kitchen Display System (KDS). A KDS connects directly with your POS. You’re kitchen staff will be able to view orders as soon as they come in, synching both front and back of house.