Modular software designed to connect all of the systems a business needs in its daily operations, including inventory management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, payroll, human resources, purchasing, estimates and quotes, sales, product configuration, distribution and shipping.

Along with all the hardware you’d need.

Clockwork Work Management Solutions

Choosing the right ERP Software for your manufacturing business:

What is ERP software?
ERP’s are a software able to support all your businesses daily operation needs. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. As a modular system, an ERP can be adapted to best suit what works best for your business. From sales through to shipping and everything in between. By connecting your organisation through one cohesive, tailored software you’ll be able to share, create, innovate, and adapt without the confusion and miscommunication of separate programs.

What is manufacturing ERP Software?
Our manufacturing ERP software is designed specifically with your manufacturing needs in mind. Our Melbourne based team will work with you in order to design and connect multiple systems into a single easy to use platform.

With manufacturing in mind we seek to provide a catered program including improved functionality of:

Cost Estimation; for your planning and product refinement for full-scale manufacture
Inventory Management and Purchasing; for procuring materials, minimising waste, and planning production
Machine Maintenance Management; for staying on top of your maintenance needs.
Health, Safety, and Environment Management; to aid you in complying with good manufacturing practices and providing a safe workplace

A Service that’s made for you:

What’s the difference between an On-Premise and a Cloud based ERP?
ERP is able to be deployed either on-premise or through the cloud (typically through an SaaS model). We also offer a third hybrid option, hosting virtually on your on-premise servers allowing you the freedom to manage your daily operations without an external internet connection. We’ll work with you to find the option that best suits your needs.

On-Premise ERP:
An in-house ERP system offers you control. Allowing you control of your data, security, connectivity and configuration and functionality in a way that best suits your needs. You’ll be able to manage your day-to- day operations whilst still receiving our support with any maintenance and patching.

An On-Premise ERP has software installed on your in-house servers and requires a purchase of a software license. Costs to you are clear and upfront with some on-going costs to provide support, maintenance, and software or hardware upgrades. Your IT team will be required to manage your own security.

Cloud ERP:
A cloud ERP is an easily accessible software available to you through your internet browser or a downloadable app. Cloud ERP’s offer you a convenient and hands-off approach giving you more time to focus on what’s most important to you. That’s how Clockwork helps you with no stress. A cloud ERP is available to you with an ongoing subscription cost making it easier to budget for then the up-front cost of an On-Premise ERP. Server costs, security, maintenance, and updates are all included.


MRP for Manufacturers:

What is MRP software?
MRP or Material Requirements Planning is an additional module available for your ERP made with your manufacturing needs in mind. An MRP connects the different elements of your manufacturing process such as purchasing and assembly. Clock-work’s MRP service will help you with data-based decision making.

Clockwork’s tailored MRP compares your manufacturing capacity and material cost to things such as resource availability and customer demand. Our MRP system will take the burden of crunching numbers off your shoulders help you produce the right amount of goods to satisfy your clients.