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Technical SEO is about improving your website to make it easier for search engines to find, understand, and store your content.

It also involves user experience factors. Such as making your website faster and easier to use on mobile devices.

Done right, technical SEO can boost your visibility in search results.

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Technical SEO can make or break your SEO performance.

If pages on your site aren’t accessible to search engines, they won’t appear in search results—no matter how valuable your content is.

This results in a loss of traffic to your website and potential revenue to your business.

Plus, a website’s speed and mobile-friendliness are confirmed ranking factors.

If your pages load slowly, users may get annoyed and leave your site. User behaviors like this may signal that your site doesn’t create a positive user experience. As a result, search engines may not rank your site well.

To understand technical SEO better, we need to discuss two important processes: crawling and indexing.

SEO Friendly From The Ground Up

When your core data is SEO optimised, the rest becomes pretty easy. From schema markup to local SEO optimisation, Clockwork has your bases covered.

Ad Spend Reductions

Technical SEO means speed, information accessibility and perfect structuring. These are all things that Google and Meta love and endorese by providing reduced CPC rates.

Data Driven Results

Technical SEO always (literally always) results in better organic performance. If your website or online page doesn’t need any optimising, we simply won’t suggest anything. 

Technical SEO refers to the behind-the-scenes elements that power your organic growth engine, such as site architecture, mobile optimisation, and page speed. These aspects of SEO might not be the sexiest, but they are incredibly important.
What's the difference between Technical SEO and Creative SEO?

When you hear about SEO, you mostly hear about the user-facing elements like blogs and keywords, meta descriptions etc. That’s what our friends at Garaj can help you with. 

We provide the software requirements for excellent SEO, such as page load speed, time to first bite, schema markup, backlinks and more.

Technical SEO, in short, covers all of the not-so-sexy parts of SEO and is a vital element in your organic search strategy.