Could be the right system for you

It’s always been our business to provide the BEST solutions for our clients, not only what is ours. 

Clockwork started as a natural progression from our e-commerce, retail and hospitality software ventures (which you can learn more about here) and it has grown into so much more.

As we customized our own ERP solution to suit our clients’ needs, we realised that the backbone of the operation was best left to the open source community, meaning we get to focus on all the other cool things to make the best platform for warehouses, factories, retail and hospitality stores alike.

We opted to use ERPNext for this as we love what it runs on (mostly Python and Javascript) and boasts a lot of awesome features which are being actively developed by a massive community of developers.

Where does Clockwork come in?

Clockwork is a top-layer software which adds additional features and better UI customization but Clockwork as a team provides much more than that: on-site and off-site support, security additions, complete setups from software to cabling to hardware… and a whole lot of care and passion.

We’re really passionate making the things you do efficient and private (and more cost-effective and profitable of course!) . Let’s talk and see what we can do for you!